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CIRCULAR CARBON INNOVATION: An Unrealized Investment Opportunity

About Circular Carbon Innovation

For many businesses, investors, governments, and individuals around the globe, there is an urgent and compelling social case for taking action to address climate change. Less understood, however, is the business case for a category of innovation we call circular carbon.

Circular carbon innovation includes technologies and pathways that seek to generate economic value from the reduction or use of atmospheric CO2. A particularly promising set of technologies within circular carbon innovation is focused on converting CO2 into valuable products.

Over the past year, the Circular Carbon Network (CCN) led a discovery process to crowdsource insights into the key barriers to new capital investment in these technologies. Their conclusions reflect the results of direct engagement with approximately 200 investors and industry stakeholders through market surveys and two interactive workshops. Here is what we have learned about this investment opportunity and the challenges we must overcome to turn unrealized potential into profitable solutions.

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